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Shipment Errors:

Examples of ‘shipment errors’:
Mismatches between received and invoiced products Wrong box / package
Products missing

Key reminders:
Customer must claim differences within 1 month of Safilo invoice date.
Claims must be communicated by customer to Safilo Customer Services – not the local returns department.

Commercial Returns:

Key reminders:
No commercial returns are allowed for discontinued brands.
No returns for Dior, Fendi, Elie Saab, Oxydo – these will not be processed by the Returns department.
Credits will only be provided on goods returned in a condition ready for re-sale and if the account is not overdue.

Handling fees:
Goods < 12 months: 10% fee on invoice value Goods > 12 months: 50% fee on invoice value

Delivery / pickup:
Effective from 1 Aug 2019 customers will have to arrange their own delivery of the returns to Safilo head office Delivery may only be arranged by the customer once an authorised RFC provided by rep to customer.

Before the RFC is sent through to the customer and Safilo returns department (Victoria Ramaisa):

(a) The RFC has to be signed by the sales manager for any returns
(b) RFCs for returns > 10 units have to be authorised by the CEO
(c) Proposed replacement order to accompany the RFC

RFC form to be completed properly / sufficient detail provided otherwise they will not be authorised.

Supporting information required upon delivery of goods:
Approved RFC form
b) Copy of original Safilo invoice

See flowchart on following pages.

Warranty (Defective) Returns:

Items which are approved as ‘Defective’:
(a) Visible/aesthetic defects: within a given timing 1 month from Safilo invoice date. A visible/aesthetic defect is a defect perceived by a person with normal vision (including those with corrective lenses), at a distance of 30cm, on a contrasting background.
(b) Functional/hidden defects: within a given timing (2 years from last invoice from Safilo to the Customer on the same SKU) from product end-date or date. A functional/hidden defect is a defect in the materials and/or workmanship that is not visible upon arrival and can be considered a manufacturer’s defect.

Documentation requirements where lens replacement will be due:
a) Copy of original Safilo invoice
b) Customer to invoice Safilo for the return, with the following details: Safilo SA PTY (LTD); P.O.BOX 541; KELVIN; 2054; VAT 4520166952